Initium Timor Sapientiae Domini Founded 1949

Message from the Principal

We welcome you to the Official Website of Our Mother of Perpetual Succor Academy (OMPSA).

This is your chance to find and reunite with old friends, classmates, batch mates, or even faculty members and relive those good old happy days at OMPSA.

OMPSA is an institution of evangelized community which envisions the formation of individuals needs academically, socially and spiritually. We are committed to the total growth of persons through relevant and quality education. Along these premises, the administrations, faculty and staff, parents, alumni and the student body organizations adopts a concerted, unified collaborative and cooperative strategies to address the needs towards the delivery of educational services for a changing and progressive community. A holistic approach of harmony with national thrust on staff, students, curriculum, facilities, sports, research and extension services to the community have been given the priority in response to aspirations in addition to the foremost issue, the moral and spiritual development. By leaps and bounces, the school has achieved significant accomplishment in human advancement through the invaluable contributions from the municipal government, parents, alumni, student body organizations and the people who have the common desire and concern to grow and prosper through the educational investment in order to uplift the community progress and development.

As we continue our delivery of educational services, there are still challenges to meet head on the roadblocks but there are more development and opportunities to overcome them. There is optimism that for all the endeavors of the institution, staff, parents, alumni, student body and other key players are always there to extend unstained support in order to bring progress to our community.

Inspired by the will to shine, let us strive more and more to deliver quality educations for the youth entrusted under our care. For all these, we bring our mission, an evangelized community with strong academic, moral and spiritual foundation.

This site is purposely created to keep in touch with our friends for business, scholarly or pure nostalgic reasons, to express our views and ideas, and to discover new acquaintances. This site will serve as a communication link between all and the future Alumni to come.

Let this link keep going for the sake of our dear Alma Mater and all who will benefit from it.

Mabuhay and God Bless OMPSANIANS!

Mrs. Rosalinda S. Diaz

OMPSA Grand Alumni Homecoming

60th Homecoming Sponsor

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